People Calling “Statue of Unity” A Waste on Money…Here is the Answer for Them

We all know about the Statue Of Unity was made in the memory of indian Iron man Sardar Patel who made india a One country.In the time of 1950’s many peoples demanding for seprate country but sardar patel said them” India is one as Will be One”

There are lots of peoples from India Calling Statue of unity as a Waste on Money.Most of are from India.So is that really a waste of money ? Goverment spent 3000 Crores in that ? No….I can tell you How it is a Future For India.

So Peoples”Was Tajmahal also a waste of money like this ? Nope..because its a symbol of love in the world and Also listed in 7 wonders of world. Goverment making crores of rupees as Tickets,Tarnsport by Tajmahal and Many peoples getting Rojgar by that so its not a waste of money.

Statue of unity will be same as Tajmahal SO its not a Waste of money.Its A Proud Of India as Same as Tajmahal so stop this Nonsense.